Gel based on hydrogen peroxide at 38%. Indicated for in-office dental bleaching.

& Benefits
  • Syringe system: does not need mixing and facilitates gel application;
  • Pre-dosed portions: more agile appointment;
  • Single application per session: more practical appointment;
  • High wettability: excellent contact of the gel to teeth maximizing its efficiency;
  • Blue color: easy to identify where the gel is applied.


The application protocol is flexible and varies according to each case. In general, three sessions must provide maximum result. The interval between each session is of one week. There is no need to use external light sources.

1st Step

With the teeth hydrated, register the initial shade of central incisors and canines separately, using a shade guide. Photographs are important to make a before/after comparison.

2st Step

Use a lip retractor to have better access to the teeth. Lips can receive a topical moisturing gel (i.e. POTENZA IDRATA, PHS) to enhance patient´s comfort and to isolate soft tissues.

3st Step

Apply a desensitizing agent (i.e. POTENZA ESENTE 2% and/or POTENZA ESENTE GLU-HEMA, PHS) to prevent or reduce hypersensitivity from bleaching.

4st Step

Gingival barrier: Dry gingival margins of teeth to be bleached and apply POTENZA BLOCCO gingival barrier to prevent the contact of the bleaching gel to the gingival tissue. This gingival barrier must be aproximately 1mm thick and 3mm wide. It should also cover about 0,5mm of enamel tissue.
Lightcure the gingival barrier for 30 seconds for each group of 3 teeth, in screening movements.
P.S. Make sure there is no gap between gingival barrier/tooth using a clinical mirror. Look from incisal/occlusal to cervical direction. In case there is any gap, add more material and lightcure it again.

5st Step

Remove caps from syringes (phases A and B). Screw one syringe to the other until a tight connection is obtained. To obtain correct mixing of the phases, slowly push the plungers alternately for 20 times. After mixing, transfer the content to phase A syringe (the one with the hydrogen peroxide). Then, disconect the syringes and attach the application tip to this syringe, which has the mixed content.

6st Step

Apply the gel on the buccal surface of the teeth, covering the proximal areas and about 0,5mm of incisal/occlusal surfaces. The layer of bleaching gel should be 1mm thick. Gel must remain in contact to the teeth for 30 minutes, without changing the gel during this period.

7st Step

At the end of the session, use endodontic or surgical saliva ejector to remove gel from teeth. Apply gauze or cotton rolls to complement gel removal. Then, remove gingival barrier with the aid of an explorer and rinse oral cavity profusely.

8st Step

To conclude the session, polish teeth with felt discs and polishing paste
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